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24th June 2011

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I’ve read this article multiple times now, ‘cause it’s been linked to on stuff I’ve been reading. Reading the description of their life, sleeping all together cuddled up, and letting the kids be who they are, choosing their clothes and their letting them learn what they are curious about, rather than penning them into a strict structure, it sounds wonderful. It sounds like the sort of thing I’d like to do, if I have a family. And that sort of nonconformist freedom makes me think maybe it would be okay to not¬†have a traditional family, if I end up deciding that’s not what I want. Like if I end up being a single lawyer, or married to someone other than a cis man, or married in a non-sexual relationship, or¬†whatever ends up happening, maybe it will be okay. And “single lawyer” isn’t even some radical thing, and yet it seems like a daring thing even to think, and I honestly don’t know if it’s even appealing, because I can never get too close to considering it before I shy away from the idea because -gasp- what would my parents think? So while I love the idea of the life they’re making for their family, it seems like some unattainable fantasy, something which would never work for me and which I just couldn’t do, because of societal and parental expectations. And that kinda makes me sad. :(